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oh hey there it's a meme

Nabbed from imperialize, but I've been meaning to do one of these for awhile anyway.

➀ Write 20 things you wish you could say to people, but never will/are too shy to.
➋ Don't say who they are.
➂ Never discuss it again. (If you guess which one is yours, I'll tell you yes or no, though!)

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HEY GUYS. I like numbered lists, on ocassion. Here are some things that are currently making my life.

1) Hearing my 60-something musical theatre director sing, in perfect monster voice, parts from "The Internet is for Porn" from Avenue Q. I-It was like... the best 15 seconds of my life. I hope I am still that awesome when I am older.

2) That being said, The Original Cast in general. ♥ All our new songs are freaking awesome. Killing off little orphan Annie in one song, being basically racist/discriminatory without crossing any big lines in the next? Sure beats the hell out of Christmas music. It was so boring the first couple weeks of the semester not having rehearsal!

3) Tuesday and Thursday lunches with Rose. 8D ♥ ♥ ♥ And all the dinners and such with her and Chels!

4) Uhhhhh.... Let's see. Kimi ni Todoke, FMA: Brotherhood, Durarara!!, So Ra No Wo To, Kobato, and my re-marathoning of Revolutionary Girl Utena. Add in Yankee-kun to Megane-chan, Otaku no Musume, and Kongou Banchou for the manga-only spectrum. These things are the best ever when updated, fufufu.

5) Hanna is NOT a Boy's Name. Seriously, go read this, if you aren't already. The artist (Tessa Stone) is going to have a table at A-Kon and I am pretty sure I will embarrass myself by fangirling over it multiple times. My current phone background is of Zombie. ...Yeah.

FIVE IS A NICE NUMBER. That and I can't think of a number six. Oh well.

Cause: "Ship dock" as part of the set.

Effect: I've given up the idea that I can keep myself from getting hurt while doing tech work, haha. I've had this welt of a bruise for a couple days... it's roughly the size of half a Twinkie, for lack of better comparison size-wise. It hurts like a biiiiitttttccccchhhhhhhhhh. (That's just the worst out of the multiple ones I've got currently.)

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Tomorrow is opening night of Twelfth Night, and my SFA 101 project and little 'interview' are in the morning. Then I'm heading out for chinese food for lunch with taeyul. ((8 I'm hungry for it alreadyyyy.

You find interesting ways to amuse yourself backstage. It's even better when it remains the next day.

This is the post that goes like this...

So, A-Kon and AnimeFEST are definitely on for next summer. And hopefully my dad will keep his promise about San Diego Comic Con, but I am only half-thinking about that now. Here's what I've got planned/thinking about so far...



My little sister and mom are here to visit for the weekend! It's been about a month since I've seen them. (Entry title is the hilarious sound effect she likes to make. Think Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. *bloolooloolooop*)

Darb and I went to go see Fame at the movies AND IT WAS AWESOME. Anyone into the performing arts should definitely go see it. We had the theatre all to ourselves, so it was quite enjoyable. Lots of commentary and dancing in the seats, pfffft.

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Had an incredibly confusing, yet interesting conversation with my roommate Grace last night.

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what is this i don't even


I sense some force at work here.

Find me and Follow me

Today I finally went crazy at my hair being too long and went to get it cut. MAN, I'm never going to get my hair cut back home again. I only had to pay $11 (+ added $4 for a tip) at the ProCuts here in Nac, where back home it got up to $25. The stylist did a great job, too. Pictures behind the cut of my new... cut. Ohohoho.

Oh, if you were curious, the mashed potatoes were not ruined today. I was relieved.

Time for some PIC SPAM~

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Sep. 30th, 2009

Play Analysis AND Beginning Acting cancelled today, AND my Government test moved to Monday? I'm starting to think some divine force is sending me beams of incredible luck recently. I'm scared of what will happen when they run out.

Oh well. Means a little bit more time to relax and a lot more to study.

YES I love the days where they have really good stuff cooked in the cafeteria. Just had some delicious carved turkey for lunch. No mashed potatoes, though. I think I'll avoid them for awhile after the vile taste of them at lunch yesterday. Seriously, how do you mess up MASHED POTATOES that badly....? (The best thing they've served so far has been those fajita chicken tacos in the student center, though. omnomnomnom :9)

Already thinking of making plans for Christmas vacation and such so I can start saving up money. Thanksgiving break'll be back home, of course.

Abuuuuh there will be a cosplay post in the near future for brainstorming and confirming things. There's so many ideas all over the place, haha.


Man, I need to kick myself in the pants for not updating this thing ever.

OH WELL. I now have a completely valid reason to start doing so on a regular basis. (You know who you are. ♥)

I'm definitely feeling a lot more comfortable in and with my theatre classes now. (Except that Professor Oster is totally mean. He made up a fake story about me running over and intentionally hurting kittens today. D8

.....he's totally hilarious, though.)

We got to know our pairs for scene work today; I totally guessed who I was with ahead of time. I'm with one of the quieter guys in the class who is a stage manager, so he's not very confident in acting. I guess Oster thought I wouldn't intimidate him, haha. Our excerpt is a comedy scene about a married pair of actors bitching at each other on a beach. Gooooood stuff.

I've also learned that I fail at being womanly while dancing choreography. Whether this will hinder my performance in my broadway troupe or not, I have NO IDEA.

Got a math test tomorrow afternoon, and then I owe the lovely taeyul a Sonic drink.

Last but not least, hetalia_plurks - stay classy. ilu guys.